Hello! My name is Susan and I am the woman behind the camera of JBC Photography. JBC was my father's initials, and my camera was first his. I lost my dad to melanoma two years ago and as I started my business, I found it fitting to name it after the man who introduced me to photography.

      Growing up, my Dad always took pictures, ALL the time. He would just pull his camera out and take pictures of me, of our dogs, our back yard, our house, and of my mom. Some of the most beautiful pictures I have of my mom are ones he just took when she wasn’t looking. After he died, I took on the responsibility of putting together his memorial boards; as I looked through these pictures on his computer in the days before his funeral I realized just how much of my life he captured. How many amazing memories that we wouldn’t have, had he not taken pictures, even just candids and everyday pictures! Shortly after this I began to realize that it was my dream to become a photographer, and to carry on his memory by helping others create their memories. My dad still lives on through his camera and my pictures. 

      Just over a year after I lost my Dad, I had my first session, a birth. That session was the most amazing experience of my life and further proved to me that I had finally found my niche. A niche where I can help people tell their stories, because that's what photography is; the telling of a story through timeless images that can be passed down for years to come.