Hospital Birth of Baby A

On June 5th, Baby A's mama texted me letting me know she was at the hospital and 5cm dilated. I quickly gathered my things thinking this would be a quick birth...little did we know this was not the case! Mama was in active labor for 17 HOURS! Including nearly 5 HOURS of pushing!


That being said, it was such a wonderful day. I have actually known Mama and her roommate almost my entire life and overall it was a very relaxing and enjoyable day, even for mama! Little S (roommate's son) even enjoyed some time in the birthing tub. 

I was so honored to be able to be at this birth and help document it. Thank you and congratulations to the family and friends of Baby A! Welcome earth side little girl.

I would also like to thank the staff at St.Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, WI. They were so helpful and so welcoming to me as a photographer. They were so excited about doing the image below with baby and her placenta.