Natural, Unmedicated, Hospital Birth of Baby K

On Friday, March 17th Jenny texted me saying that her planned induction might be cancelled. She was 39 weeks and 6 days and was sitting at 4cm. The hospital she would deliver at was busy and therefor could not proceed with her induction. After texting back and forth all day, hoping they could get her in, we eventually both went to bed to try to get some sleep. 
On this particular night I could not sleep for whatever reason; this should have been a sign because it seems like EVERY time I am on call and I have 1-2 nights of terrible sleep...Mamas usually go into labor within an hour of me falling asleep.
(Seriously this has happened 4 times). 
Finally I fell asleep sometime between 1:30 and 2am on Saturday, March 18th. 

2:17 am: Getting ready to head to the hospital I’ll let you know what they say when we get there my contractions are 1.5-3 mins apart!

Clearly I slept right through that one...
Then at like 4:15ish my phone rang, and then a couple minutes later it rang again, and the 3rd time I finally woke up and heard it. It was Rob saying things were moving fast and I should head up. 
I texted back around 4:56 and arrived shortly after 5am. 

Once I got to the hospital Jenny, although she was progressing quickly, was surprisingly alert, happy and overall in a good mood. Rob was trying to be supportive of his wife while wrangling their 4 older children who were along for the ride. 


But very quickly things changed and Jenny was feeling pressure. Sure enough she was complete. The kids were ushered off into the bathroom, the room was set up and Jenny began to push!

And after just a few pushes...Baby K arrived, on his due date at that!

Shortly after he arrived, the older kids got to meet their baby brother! Some were a bit more excited than others.

Then mama got to bond with her new baby and nurse. Followed by weighing and a bath! This was such a beautiful birth and I am so honored to have been invited into the delivery room! Congratulations to Rob, Jenny and the rest of the Hudson Family!