Natural Hospital Birth of Baby C

On tuesday, June 13th, I texted Brenda just checking in at around 9pm. She quickly responded saying she was having some signs of labor, back pain that wouldn't go away, but was going to try to go to sleep. Then at 11:52pm, about 90 minutes after saying she was heading to bed , she texted me saying she was having contractions that were not stopping and would be heading up to the hospital soon. We all arrived at the hospital less than 45 minutes later and it was clear that brenda was in active labor. Nurses got her and Bobb set up in "the room with the tub" shortly after. 


Not long after we arrived ,things seemed to be intensifying, and quickly. Brenda made the decision after a little while to get in the tub for a bit to try to ease the pain of the contractions.


Not even 10 minutes later Brenda was saying she was feeling lots of pressure, possibly like she wanted to push. Bobb and her midwife helped her out of the tub and onto the bed where she was found to be complete and she began pushing! After just a few short pushes sweet little Baby C was born into her daddy's hands (something that they had tried to do for their previous two daughters births' but it never worked out). 

Welcome to the world Baby C! And thank you so much and congratulations to the M family  for inviting me into your birthing space and allowing me to document this beautiful birth!